Our New Solutions!

Our New Solution

Golden Talent

PSI believes the present and future of resource management will be entirely different, and we are committed to enabling the transformation. Companies will not need to hire permanent employees to perform all of the jobs, works or assignments. There are some options to exercise, such as by hiring independent contractors, freelancers, specialists, appointing vendors as well as by adopting shared services.

Here, we see many opportunities to assist the whole resource management ecosystem, including companies, freelancers, independent contractors, vendors, and any other service providers, by identifying the right solution and matching the users & service providers.

  1. PSI mediates ex-C level or retired executives with some SMEs looking for experienced and productive advisors. PSI manages some talent pool with a variety of experience in some industries and functions, in which SMEs might have access to these talent pools. These “golden” talents might work on a part-time or full-time basis as agreed by both employers and employees, and referring to the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  2. We assist employers and users in identifying the right solution for their needs, including specific functions, projects or assignments, and matching with some independent service providers. Meanwhile, we assist independent service providers to identify the opportunities and connect them to potential users.

Flexy Hire 

We do believe each client has their own expectation and needs from their recruiters. Not every client needs full recruitment cycle from their recruitment firm. PSI decoded the recruitment business process, and enabled client to choose which parts of recruitment process and to assign to PSI. Some clients expected us to perform talent sourcing and talent mapping. Some of them required us to conduct phone screen or to interview candidates. Here, PSI might customize our service and enable client to enjoy our “PAY PER USE” solution model.

Social Media Check

In Social Media, Talents show their character, demonstrate behavior and share their values genuinely. Now, instead of digging around secretly to find these attributes, the candidate reveals themselves and Employers can easily get the required information. Here, PSI assist our Client to perform Social Media Check for our Client, and fully respect the privacy of the Candidate.

By doing social media check, Employer might see Personal value of the candidate, in order to determine the alignment between it and corporate values. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is very important in hiring, and social media activities are a good medium for observing this. We also might see how’s the talent personal branding in social media. Through social media check, Employer might indicate someone is involved with crime, a terrorist or extremist organisation which might ruin company reputation, endanger company assets, etc.