Project Manager – Infrastructure Service Provider Company

Our client is a city infrastructure service provider, at this moment, hiring a Project Manager with the following work responsibilities and requirements
Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for overall project management process, including project planning, implementation, evaluation, and reporting process.
  2. As a project manager, he will be responsible and report to the company’s management team and at the same time representing the company in front of their clients concerning project progress/development.
  3. He/she is responsible for the resource management, including financial, human resources, materials, equipment, supplies applied and consumed during project implementation.
  4. Designing project risk management, including mitigation.
  5. He/she will be responsible for project costing and all financial resources used during the implementation.


  1. Having at least 10 years of project management experience in infrastructure development and maintenance service. 
  2. Having experience in managing sufficient complexity including large & diverse teams, sophisticated projects objectives, and milestones.

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