Permitting Superintendent – Power Plant – Mining Company

Our client is a mining company in Central Indonesia, and currently, they are hiring Permitting Superintendent – Power Plant, with the following work responsibilities and requirements.

Job Descriptions :

• Ensuring the project obtains all necessary permits, licenses, and approvals required for constructing the power plant.
• Scheduling resources and personnel training within the Permitting team to meet the project’s permitting requirements for the infrastructure scope.
• Coordinating all phases of permitting process (e.g., preparing application materials for permits, ensuring materials fulfill the requirement of issuing authority, and submitting documents on time).
• Providing support and mentoring to team members to meet shared objectives.
• Researching issues such as legal requirements, changes in policy, industry standards, and stakeholder groups.
• Provide advice and ensure timely completion of permitting actions, fulfillment of statutory reports, and strategies to eliminate or minimize permitting delays.
• Work closely with internal compliance team by ensuring that compliance management systems and obligations registers are complete and up-to-date and effectively communicated with all concerned project teams, organizing and implementing, where required, the completion of regulatory tasks.
• Monitoring and reporting performance of the Permitting Team against the project schedule.


• Someone with at least 7-8 years experience in permitting business, especially in the power plant industry.
• Good government relations with good communication skills.
• Strong sense of compliance with the prevailed legislation.

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